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WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates


(one time payment, per website)


What Is A WordPress Updates Service?

If getting your website’s plugins, themes, and core files up to date keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, we’ve got you covered!

Let us take care of the updates while you focus on the rest of your business knowing your site is in good hands.


If you’d like this done regularly, check out our ongoing website maintenance packages here for some regular TLC.

What are the



WordPress Core Updates

Keeping your website up to date with the latest version of WordPress makes your site more secure and less prone to errors.

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Whenever a new version of WordPress is released, we’ll update your website at the right time, ensure that the update was successful, and make sure that your website is still running smoothly.


Plugin Updates

Getting your plugins up to date will help ensure your website is secure and running at its best.

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Plugin updates are essential for maintaining website health, security, and performance. We’ll review your site’s plugins and perform any updates that are available.


Theme Updates

We’ll get your theme up to date so you have all the latest theme improvements, fixes, and compatibilities.

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Having the latest theme version makes your website more secure, functional, and compatible with the latest plugins and WordPress core features.


Malware Scan

If your website has been out of date for a while, there may be some Gremlins sneaking around in your site’s files.

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Keeping your website up to date helps prevent unwanted intruders from getting into your site’s files and database. 

We’ll do a deep scan of your website to check for any malicious activity that may have occurred. If we detected anything fishy, we’ll let you know and walk you through what to do next.


Minor Bug Fixes

Updating your website can cause all kinds of unexpected bugs that need to be squashed fast.

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Running into bugs is an unavoidable part of updating a website. We will happily address any minor issues that arise as a result of the updates we make. If the updates cause any larger issues, we will revert the update and walk you through what to do next.


Updates Report

We’ll keep you in the know with a report outlining all of the changes we’ve made to get your site up to date.

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You will receive a detailed report so you know exactly what’s been happening with your website. It will include details about updates carried out, malware detection, and more!

Keeping you informed is an important part of what we do. We’ll give you an easy-to-read report that tells you exactly what we’ve updated, whether malware was detected, and if any other updates we made along the way to help keep your website running smoothly.

Frequently Asked


We’ve listed the common questions we get asked about this service below. Please take the time to read them. If you still have some questions that aren’t answered below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

What's the turnaround time?

We strive to complete all requests within 1-3 business days. However, during busy periods, this time may vary.

Why do you need to access my hosting?

In most cases, we won’t need this however it’s important to have quick access to your hosting account in the case an update causes an issue that requires hosting access to resolve or debug.

This is normal and could just be something as simple as purging the cache on your server.

If you have any concerns about sharing this information, feel free to reach out through our contact form here or email us directly at and we’d be happy to chat.

What details do you need from me?

To complete the WordPress Updates, we will need access to your WordPress admin dashboard as well as your hosting account.

Once you purchase this service, you will be redirected to a form where you can fill this information out.

If you need assistance with providing these details, please feel free to ask us!

Is it common to run into major issues?

No, we update hundreds of themes and plugins every week and have never encountered any problems we couldn’t sort out.

While it’s possible to run into some bigger issues, we take a very safe, step-by-step approach when updating your website to help ensure everything goes smoothly.