Speed Optimisation

Boost your WordPress website performance today


What is A Speed Optimisation?

Boost the performance of your WordPress Website with our Website Speed Optimisation service.

We use a number of techniques to improve your website’s load time, including asset optimisations, script compression, database cleaning, and more.

Increasing your website’s load time will almost always result in better SEO rankings, higher conversion rates, and a stronger online presence.

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Speed Optimisation Service


(one time payment, per website)


What’s Included

Premium Cache Plugin

We will install a premium cache plugin and tailor it to your website to create a faster experience for your users.

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Caching techniques will be implemented by our experts within your website to give you the best results we can! We also include a premium caching plugin at no extra cost!

Database Cleanup

The database is where all of your website data is stored and accessed. Over time this can accumulate a large amount of unwanted data.

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Our experts will go in and clean up any old data that is no longer needed.

Image Optimisation

Images can often be the cause of a slow website and can take up a lot of storage space.

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Our experts will audit your website images and optimise any that are oversized and impacting your site’s performance.


Asset Optimisation

We will review all of the assets on your site (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) and compress and minify as many as possible to improve your page speed.

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Optimising your assets can significantly improve the speed of your website. Your files will be compressed and minified using a variety of techniques. Additionally, we implement deferring and lazy loading of files wherever possible. As a result, files will only be loaded when needed giving you and your users a better experience.

Image Compression

Our team will install a premium plugin that will automatically optimise any image you upload to your site in the future.

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Large images can negatively impact your site’s performance, and we understand that you may have to upload more in the future. Even after the speed optimisation service is completed, this premium plugin will ensure your images are automatically optimised and compressed.

Before & After Speed Report

You will receive a report showing you the before and after results of your website speed optimisation. 

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We measure your website’s performance using GT Metrix. They follow a number of best practices set in place by organisations such as Google to give you an accurate performance report for your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

We strive to complete all requests within 1-3 business days. However, during busy periods, this time may vary.

What if you can't speed up my website?

Our guarantee is to provide a full refund if we are unable to make any speed improvements within your website. 

What information do you need?

To complete the Speed Optimisation we will need access to your WordPress admin dashboard as well as your hosting account.

Once you purchase this service, you will be redirected to a form where you can fill this information out. 

If you need assistance with providing these details, please feel free to ask us!

Can I see before and after results?

Yes definitely! We will provide you with before and after results once the speed optimisation is complete. 

let us speed up your wordpress site today!