Malware Removal

WordPress is one of the most secure web builder platforms, but that doesn’t make it 100% invulnerable to malware. Our experts can remove all Malware from your site and implement strategies to help prevent it from happening again.


What is Malware Removal?

Malware is always a worry when it comes to any website. Due to the popularity of WordPress, it has become a large target for hackers. Malware is a broad term for any malicious activity whether it be in software, physical devices, or websites.

Malware can range from functional changes (website redirection), content changes, or tiny little issues that can barely be noticed. Our experts can remove all malicious code in your website and implement proven strategies to increase security and help prevent it from happening again.

Malware Removal Service


(one time payment, per website)


What’s Included

Complete Website Scan

Malware is usually inserted as malicious code into your website files. Our scan will identify any infected files.

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Our experts will run the scan over your website files to identify any malicious code and remove it from your website.


Security Audit

Due to the popularity of WordPress websites, it’s crucial that your website is secured and prevention is in place.

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Unfortunately, your website cannot be 100% secure but many security strategies can be implemented to help prevent your site ever being hacked again.

Our experts will audit your website security to ensure there is prevention in place and clean up any security holes.

Blacklist removal

Websites can be blacklisted depending on the severity of the infection. This prevents the accessibility and visibility of your site.

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When your site is blacklisted, your users get warned not to access your website by their browser. This prevents any leads and customers until the malware and blacklist are removed.

Our experts will go through the required process to remove the blacklist immediately and get your site accessible and secure again.

Brute Force Attack

When bots constantly try to access your website they create a lot of server requests that can slow down your site.

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Our experts will add a plugin that will prevent any brute force attacks from bots.

Database Audit & Clean

Malicious scripts and code could be inserted into your database where your website content and data is stored.

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Our experts will audit your website database to clean up any malicious scripts that may have been inserted into it.

We will also optimise your database for efficiency as data and content that is no longer needed can be stored within your database forever causing it to become bloated and slow.

Security Report

You will receive a report listing the malicious files and what has been implemented to ensure its security.

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The report will include an itemised list detailing what was actioned within your website to remove the malware and further secure your site.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

We strive to complete all requests within 1-3 business days. However, during busy periods, this time may vary.

How will I know if my website is clean?

Our malware removal specialists work diligently on your website until it is clean. We will provide you with details of everything that was implemented within your website and server to clean your site and provide proof that your site is clean.

Depending on how long the malware has been within your site, some third parties may have blacklisted your site. Our experts will make sure this gets removed as well.

What information do you need?

To complete the Malware Removal we will need access to your WordPress admin dashboard as well as your hosting account.

Once you purchase this service, you will be redirected to a form where you can fill this information out. 

If you need assistance with providing these details, please feel free to ask us!

let us clean up and secure your wordpress site today!