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Our aim is to provide high quality, easy to use and well built WordPress solutions that can be used by all business owners no matter what stage in your business lifecycle you are in.

We strive to create a place that feels comfortable for everyone, ensuring you get the best website solution for your business with minimal stress.

Alpere Digital was co-founded by qualified Front-End Developer, Chelsea McGuinness, and Global Enterprise Senior Developer, Mark Ganser. We created Alpere Digital after working in the web development industry for 6 years, where we noticed a huge ‘nervousness’ in business owners/entrepreneurs when it came to finding and working with the right web developer.

We thought why not create a space where business owners and entrepreneurs can have access to everything website-related no matter what stage of business they’re in without having the stress of finding a reliable, trustworthy and qualified website developer. We want to remove the stereotype of website developers being scary and unapproachable. We understand that starting and running a business itself is already stressful and time-consuming and you don’t need the extra stress of finding the perfect developer or dealing with your website issues yourself.

We have decided to focus solely on WordPress development as we believe it is the most reliable, easy to use and well-built Content Management System in the market.

There are so many website builder options out there today and we know it can be overwhelming. WordPress is one of the most customisable platforms and a favourite for qualified programmers. We have spent many hours ensuring our services are unbelievably easy to use and we provide video tutorials and training to make it even easier!

Alpere Digital is and will always be a safe, reliable place that provides high quality and up to date products and services. We appreciate all business owners and respect everyone’s business journey.

We are here to help. It’s as simple as that.


Our Founders

Mark Ganser

Mark Ganser

Co-Founder & Developer

Qualified Global Enterprise Senior Developer specialising in WordPress Development.

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My development career kicked off in 2014 once I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in I.T.

Since then, I have worked with a startup agency as their Lead Developer and a corporate global enterprise as their Senior Developer. My passion goes beyond just coding as I enjoy all areas of creating a project. From the planning stage all the way through to the launch. I have gained leadership and management skills from previous roles that I now want to apply to Alpere Digital to ensure everyone receives a well executed and planned service just like the corporate clients, but without the corporate feel.

My passion is to provide a place where our community feels understood and safe in all things web related. I want to ensure we provide services that are well executed and will 100% help our community in the areas they are struggling with. If just 1 of our users feels comfortable and leaves with more knowledge about their website than they arrived with, then as far as I’m concerned, my job is done.

Chelsea McGuinness

Chelsea McGuinness

Co-Founder & Developer/Designer

Qualified Front End Developer who specialises in WordPress Development and Design.

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My passion for web design and programming was the backbone to co-creating Alpere Digital. I absolutely love creating products & services that our clients love and never imagined having!

I am a qualified programmer holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia. Throughout my degree, I had the opportunity to learn everything digital from video creation to graphic design but when I tried programming, I fell in love with it.

When I created my first website by combining my design and coding skills, well that was it – I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Having the opportunity to make a living out of creating beautiful designs as well as the logical challenge of coding, yes please!

I have worked in a few agencies since graduating from University which is how I was introduced to WordPress and it’s amazing possibilities. I worked on huge projects for very well known brands, but I couldn’t help noticing that the little guys & girls were being left behind and being ripped off.

I needed to do something about it, it pains me to hear horror stories of web developers dropping off the face of the earth after being paid or not providing what was agreed upon. Alpere is the end to all of that pain!

My focus is to provide affordable and easy to manage WordPress products & services for all businesses & entrepreneurs without skimping on quality and performance.

You can rest easy knowing your website is in the hands of a qualified programmer who knows exactly how to create a high quality and well-performing website for any type of industry.

Our Values

Alpere Digital is fuelled by our values. Everything we create is always aligned with the below values.

High Quality


Easy to Use



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